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I'm a beginner and I think your lessons are too difficult for me!

I know you are worried but don't lose heart!
I met many beginners, who all started from zero and they all made a huge step with my lessons.

You have all you need:
1. The English translation (for understanding)
2. The recorded speaker (for pronunciation)
3. The written words (for spelling)
4. The question and answer parts for active participation (to save the information in your brain).
You don't have to learn words by heart. You will learn them automatically.
All you have to do is a lot of repetitions. Trust me, it is just a matter of repetition.
You can do it! – Have faith in yourself and never give up!


How can I join and get the free lessons?

Click the linkDownload Lessons” and fill in the form – that’s it.


I haven’t received your e-mail lessons – what happened?

1. Are you sure you spelled your e-mail address correctly?
If you are not sure, try to sign in again.

2. In some cases my e-mails end up in your “bulk” or “spamfolder.
Your e-mail provider probably sent the e-mails there by mistake.

Please read this information carefully >>> Note


Do I have to pay for the e-mail lessons or the online lessons?

No. All my e-mail lessons and online lessons are free. But if you want to make a huge step in a short time, I recommend my "All-In-One Package" in my >>> Webshop.


What kind of files (file format) are the lessons?

All download files have the ending “.zip”. They are compressed and download faster. You need a program to unzip the files. Please download the zip files and use your favorite program to extract the lessons. You can also use tools like: http://www.7-zip.org for extracting the files..


I want to improve my writing – Can I do this with your lessons?

I focus on speaking, but if you read a lot you will also improve your writing with my method.


How can we support your project?

1. Tell people about my websites
Please tell other people about my project and let them visit my websites.
Tell them my URL: https://leicht-deutsch-lernen.com  – everyone is welcome.
Even if they don’t want to learn German, tell them the link to our jokes.
Everybody likes jokes right?

2. Use my social buttons
Please use also my social buttons to tell the world about my websites.

3. Write in blogs
Please write in blogs about my websites (don’t forget to mention the URLs).

4. Help people on Yahoo Answers & Co.
If you like to help people on http://answers.yahoo.com or similar sites, please recommend my sites to people who ask for good ways to learn German.


I wish you a lot of fun!
Lucas Kern

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