Same Words in GER/ENG




   Same Words in English and German


Same words in English and German same meaning same spelling


There are many similar words in English and German.

Did you know there are many words with the same spelling and meaning in English and German? If you know these words, you know automatically the equivalent as well – isn't that great?


1. Here is a list of adjectives with the same meaning and spelling:

Link: Same adjectives in English and in German


2. Here is a list of nouns with the same meaning and spelling:

Nouns with A 

Nouns with B 

Nouns with C

Nouns with D

Nouns with E and F

Nouns with G and H

Nouns with I

Nouns with J, K and L

Nouns with M

Nouns with N and O

Nouns with P and Q

Nouns with R

Nouns with S

Nouns with T

Nouns with U and V

Nouns with W, Y and Z


3. And here are equal words but with a different meaning

Same spelling in English and in German but a different meaning

Especially these words can be very tricky. You have to know these words and the different meanings to avoid embarrassing situations.

I wish you a lot of fun!
Lucas Kern

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