The seven rules No 5, No 6 and No 7



The 7 Rules to Fluency


Rule No 5   

Learn with Stories!


Rule No 6

Only use authentic real materials, not textbooks (grammar books)


Rule No 7

Use „Listen and Answer Stories“

Well, learning with audio stories has many advantages. Most of all, it is much more interesting to learn with (audio) stories than to learn vocabulary lists by heart. Secondly, you will be exposed and learn a lot of words, phrases, structures and of course the right pronunciation.

If you have been struggling with German for years and can’t speak it fluently, then you need to ask yourself: „What went wrong“?

With rule No 7 I want you to use from now on a learning technique that is in my opinion the best when it comes to improving your speaking ability


First Step! (we talked about that)

You need to listen a lot to easy and clearly spoken German in order to build up a good passive vocabulary (= words that you understand). You already know that, because we talked about it before. However, this is not enough! Your understanding will improve, but it won’t help you much if you want to learn to speak German.


Second Step!

The second step is to transform your passive vocabulary into an active vocabulary (= words that you are able to use yourself when you speak). Most students don’t do this important step and that’s why they are not able to speak German fluently. Even after years of learning German with conventional methods they just can’t speak German.

Your goal is to change your passive vocabulary into an active vocabulary!

Your active vocabulary is the key to fluency! If you neglect it, you will never be able to speak German fluently – That is a fact!  


So, how can you achieve that?

The answer is easy like everything else that you have learned so far:

Use the „Question and Answer Technique!

Through repetition and this technique your brain will save the German structure step by step and will switch the passive vocabulary into an active vocabulary. This will enable you to use the words and phrases yourself when you speak.

Practicing with this technique is like having a conversion but much more powerful, because you hear also the correct answer right away. A real person wouldn’t correct you every time you make a mistake and that’s why also the mistakes would be saved in your brain. This cannot happen with listen and answer audio stories.

Now you know all seven rules!

If you follow them you will be able to speak German fluently within a few months!

Download all my vocabulary lessons (76), my TPRS audio stories and my fairy tales on your iPod or other device and listen to them every day. Repeat every lesson as long as it takes until you can answer the questions easily. When you have finished all my packages then you will be able to speak German fluently – that is a fact!

Have fun!


Please also review the other rules until you have internalized them:

Rule No 1
Always Study Phrases, Never Only Individual Words

Rule No 2 
Don’t Study Grammar Rules!

Rule No 3 and No 4 
Listen and Repetition



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