The seven rules No 3 and 4



The 7 Rules to Fluency


Rule No 3   

Listen, Listen and Listen!


Rule No 4   

Deep Learning With Repetition!


Listening and repeating is very important!

You need to listen to easy German that you do understand. That’s why I use easy sentences (at first) in my audio lessons and furthermore, I also translate the sentences into English. That makes it easy for you to understand new words and you don’t need to look them up in a dictionary. This will save you time.

As a matter of fact, you have all you need to improve your German very quickly (even as a beginner):

1. The English translation (for understanding)
2. The recorded speaker (for pronunciation)
3. The written words (for spelling)

The three things above are very important in order to learn a foreign language effectively.

Trust me – you can’t learn a foreign language only from a text book (grammar book).

What you need to do is: listen, listen and listen!

However, just listening to German podcasts or watching movies won’t help. You need to listen to something that you do understand (at least 90% of it!). That’s why I translated all my lessons and stories into English. This makes it easy for you to understand new words and you don’t need to look them up in a dictionary. That will save you time!

If you repeat what you have listened to and actually understand it, your brain will start something really amazing. It will start to save the pronunciation, the word order, the structure and the grammar (up to a certain point) automatically. But only if you understand and repeat what you have listened to.

If you really want to make progress and if you want that the word order, pronunciation and the meaning of the words enter your long term memory, then you need to repeat my lessons many times. Read and listen to the sentences of the vocabulary lesson 10 or even 20 times (advanced students usually need at least 10 times, beginners usually more than 30 times). Have a look at the English translation until you do understand about 80% of the German sentences.

Tip: Try to imagine the situations in your mind. It will help you to remember the words! 

Even the most difficult lesson is easy after some repetitions!

Have fun!
Lucas Kern

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