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In letzter Zeit habe ich viele E-Mails mit der gleichen Frage erhalten: „Kennen Sie gute Sprachschulen in anderen Ländern?“ Also habe ich beschlossen, dieses Sprachschul-Verzeichnis zu erstellen, um euch eine erste Auswahl anzubieten. Ich werde Schritt für Schritt noch mehr professionelle Sprachschulen und Kursanbieter hinzufügen. Wenn auch ihr eine gute Sprachschule kennt, lasst es mich bitte wissen.

I have received so many e-mails lately with the same question: „Do you know great language schools in other countries?“ So I decided to create this language school directory, to offer you a first choice. I am going to add more professional schools and course providers step by step. If you know a great language school, please let me know.


Ailola Madrid Spanischschule

Ailola Madrid is one of the most recognized Spanish schools in Spain when it comes to offering students bang for their buck. In fact, they pride themselves on their ability to combine a superb teaching staff of native-speakers with unbeatable facilities and competitive prices. 

The Spanish school in Spain is a modern, spacious place for the best kind of language learning. They offer students the chance to learn the beautiful Spanish language away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, with all the amenities needed for a laid-back, carefree stay:  2 free-access tablets, free student WiFi access, a cozy common room with tea and coffee machines, cold drinks and a library, teaching equipment including TV and DVD, 7 bright, quiet and spacious classrooms, free-access language materials.


Ailola Buenos Aires

Ailola Buenos Aires has an enthusiastic team of professionals on hand to provide top-notch language learning services.

It might just have the best location of a Spanish school in Argentina! You’ll find it in the captivating Palacio Barolo. Once the tallest building in the city, this pristine historic palace was modeled on the cosmology explained in Dante’s Divine Comedy – there’s a purgatory, a heaven and a hell. But don’t be scared – it’s just one of the many unique design concepts common in local architecture!

A smooth ride up to level 3 in the famous Palacio Barolo lifts, across freshly polished floors, to the entrance of office #10. Inside, you find: 3 free-access computers, students using WiFi, a blackboard with a day-by-day breakdown of what’s on in Buenos Aires, a cozy lounge area, a conference area/common area, bright, quiet and spacious classrooms, teaching equipment – a TV, DVD, projector, air-conditioning and heating, language materials.


Ailola Cape Town

Ailola Cape Town English School is just 5 minutes from the beautiful Sea Point promenade and beach, where you can jog, play soccer and enjoy Cape Town’s majestic Atlantic Ocean sunsets. The neighborhood has a bustling cafe and restaurant culture and is easily accessible from all major points of interest in the city. Wedged between the world-renowned Clifton beaches and the V&A Waterfront, they are also only 10 minutes from the city!

They place great importance on the learning environments in which their students spend a great deal of their time during their stays in South Africa. They have 9 large classrooms, open shared spaces and, most important, natural lighting and views you simply won’t find elsewhere: Stunning views of Table Mountain and Signal Hill, free student WiFi access, Fully-equipped Internet café, spacious student break areas including our terrace with a view of Table Mountain, fully equipped kitchenette for student use including crockery, cutlery, microwave and fridge, multi-media center with five new computers, plus TV and DVD, 9 large classrooms with great natural lighting, free-access language materials, 

Visit them in Sea Point and enjoy your time learning English and exploring Cape Town!


Ailola Quito

Ailola Quito is one of the first Spanish language schools in Quito, Ecuador. It is located in Quito’s colonial city center. They have opted for a Spanish teaching methodology in Ecuador, which is communication-orientated, focusing only on grammar that favors communication and allowing you to put your Spanish skills straight to work from day #1. Their 12 teachers are University-educated locals who know Ecuador’s language and culture.

Whether you spend a few hours at Ailola Quito in the morning, or a couple of hours with them in the afternoon, they are certain you’ll want to study Spanish in Quito in a comfortable setting. This is what they promise: You’ll study Spanish in one of 16 spacious classrooms within a pristine colonial home in the Old Town of Quito, access to shared computers, printers and a telephone, WiFi internet access for those with their own devices, a kitchen and refrigerator, which we also use for free cooking classes each Wednesday, a video room for you to watch our collection of multimedia resources in Spanish, a common room and patio for breaks and fresh air, a large Spanish language library.


Spain – Madrid



Offering courses in English and other languages as a second language in Madrid and other spanish cities.
Company Courses: General and Intensive Courses, Telephone classes, Courses abroad and Online Courses.



Dominican Republic


Cabarete Language Institute

A language institute in the Dominican Republic with Spanish, English and French courses. The Institute balance theory with practice and place emphasis on oral communication.




More professional language schools and course providers 

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