Note: If you don’t receive my email …

1. You might have a typing error in your email address
     (just try again to register)

2. In a few cases it is possible that emails might mistakenly be getting filtered out and end up in your promotion folder, spam or bulk mail folder
– no system in perfect smiley

3. If you check your emails with your mobile phone, the email might not come through. The best way is to check your emails with your desktop computer or laptop. 


Please also note that Goggle… 

…Google Mail, GMail has a new mail folder system.
There are additional tabs now.
Please check those tabs in your Gmail account too.

So, if you don’t receive my emails in your inbox, please check those folders, tabs and filter settings. And please make sure that your mailbox is not full and rejects further e-mails.


Tip: If you use a mail software …

e.g. Thunderbird or Outlook etc. to catch your emails
     from e.g. Google Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other e-mail provider
     and you don’t receive my e-mails:

=> You need to check your folders, tabs and filter settings directly at:
     Google Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, …

     because sometimes e-mails are mistakenly marked as spam
     and won’t be fetched by your mail software.

=> Log into your Google Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, …
     account and check those folders and filter settings.
     And if my email is there click the „Not Spam button“.


If you add the following email address to your contacts (or white list),
there should be no problem receiving my e-mails in the future.

If you have followed my suggestions and still can’t find my e-mails, please contact me via this e-mail address.