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Grammar is boring! | Learning a language is difficult!
>> Nothing really works!

I’m teaching German as a second language and every time I get new students I hear those same sentences. But then it changes quickly. You wanna know what the secret is?

>>> Well, fun!
Find a method that motivates you – every time!

One good method is, for example, to learn with audio books.

I would definitely recommend buying an interesting novel you like and the unabridged audio book version. Reading and listening at the same time is a very good and effective method to learn a second language.

1. You’ll learn a lot of new words just because of the content (learn always phrases not only words!)

2. You’ll learn the correct pronunciation because you listen at the same time to the audio

3. You’ll learn grammar automatically (without learning grammar rules by heart) – just by listening. If you hear a word order or structure many times, you’ll suck up the structure automatically. This is why children are able to speak their mother tongue fluently by the age of six/seven without grammar books.

But there is one trick you can make this method far more effective:

If you repeat every chapter several times before going on to the next, it’ll boost your level very quickly. So why is that? It’s because everything you perceive enters at first your ultra short term memory and for a few seconds you are able to repeat what you have just heard. But right after that it’ll be deleted instantly from your memory (it’s gone!). This is a protective mechanism of your brain in order to prevent a sensory overload. You have to imagine there are different filters. The filters try to filter unimportant information and delete them. Information classified as important will get from your ultra short term memory into the short term memory. And only after some more repetitions the information will enter your long term memory. So by reading and listening to an audio book, your brain gets so many information all at once, it will delete most of it. But you can prevent the erasing by repetitions.

Try this method it works! This website here offers also a free email course with this method. You’ll get interesting and funny stories and the audio files to the texts. So you can listen and read at the same time. And the best of all – it’s free.

Remember: You have to find a method that motivates you. Learning a second language should be fun not boring, otherwise it’s just a waste of time!

Klara Wagner

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