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We mainly use a learning method called TPRS

And what is TPRS?

TPRS is the short form for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. The method has several steps:

First you listen to a native speaker telling a funny story. You need to read the text of the story at the same time. Do this a few times. This way you will get familiar to the voice of the native speaker and the text. Then look at the English translation and try to understand the meaning of the text. You don't need to learn any vocabulary by heart, you will get it automatically. Just try to understand the meaning.

Then listen a few more times. You are going to understand much more of the content. Do this a couple of days. After some days you can switch to the Question and Answer Game. Try to listen to the questions and get the meaning. Listen to the answers and try to answer the questions yourself. After some repetitions you will be able to answer the questions before the speaker. By this time you will have made a huge step!

One thing is very important with the TPRS method: Repetition!

If you really want to be good in something, you have to repeat the basics. You can’t just do it one time and then say: “Oh I know this now; I did it one time, now I am going to do something different”

Many people think, when they have learned some new words they don’t need to repeat them anymore and would bear them in mind for all times. Well, this is simply wrong!

On the other hand, if you know this, you can benefit from it. That is also the reason why you will learn very fast with our lessons. You don’t need to study the words and learn them by heart. You are going to do just a lot of repetitions instead.