Some German Basics


Some German Basics 


For those of you, who are interested in grammar, I will give some explanations and exercises. So here is the first part of the German articles. I'm going to write more step by step.

German Articles: der, die, das

Once in a while you can make huge progress with the German language. Here is the next step. There are a lot of English and German words with the same meaning and spelling. I have a collection of over 420 words. If you know these English words then you know the German words as well.

Same Adjectives in English and in German

Same Nouns in English and in German

Same Spelling in English and in German But a Different Meaning

Don't try to learn all words at once.
Take your time. Every day just 5-10 words is enough.


More Basic Lessons:

Zählen / Counting

Basic Exercises


If you want to learn German from the very start
I recommend my other website

I wish you a lot of fun!
Lucas Kern

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