Become an Affiliate and Get Paid










Do you like my way of teaching and my audio lessons? 
Are you already recommending my lessons to others?

… If so, become an affiliate and when someone you refer purchases my lessons, I will pay you a generous 50% commission as a thank-you.

Because I sell digital products which can be purchased and downloaded from around the world, this affiliate program runs also around the world. So it doesn’t matter where you live or promote.  


Some background information:


I use DigiStore24 to sell my digital products and they also provide the access link after the payment process to the customer. I use them also to handle the affiliate program so if you earn commissions they will pay them out to you.

I decided that the affiliate program shall be free of charge for the affiliates.

That means it is always an investment for me into every affiliate and some work involved to prepare everything but I hope that you will do your best to spread the posters, post your link in the Internet and inform as many people as possible about my websites and lessons. The more people you reach and come through your link to my website the more likely it is that someone buys and you earn commissions!

How to register:

If you bought my lessons and joined afterwards my email list: „Learning Tips for Customers„, then I’ve already sent you the link to register to my affiliate program. If you have bought my lessons and haven’t received the email with the link, please contact me, you know my email address. :)

I only offer my customers to join my affiliate program because they know my lessons well and also know how effective they are. 

Your individual affiliate link:

After your registration to my affiliate program I will send you an individual link that you can post/share in the Internet, in social media accounts or give someone who is interested.

Poster (pdf/jpg) with your link and QR code:

I will also send you my poster as pdf file (to print it out) and as jpg file (to share it e.g. in social networks). It will have your individual link and your QR code on it.

Both the link and the QR code will make the connection between the visitor, me and you as affiliate and will forward the visitor directly to my website.


If someone comes through your link or your QR code to my website and buys my products you will earn a commission (50% of the net sales price).

And the best of all: You will also get a commission even if the visitor buys my products weeks later because the affiliate program track sales through cookies.

Cookies are little files that are stored through the web browser, to keep track of pages you’ve been to, or links you’ve clicked (this is a standard procedure that every website uses). When someone clicks through your affiliate link, the system creates a cookie on the visitor’s computer that will last for 180 days (6 months).

So the next time that person makes a purchase, the affiliate tracking system will generate a commission for you.

Even if visitors who came through your affiliate link buy my products weeks later, you will still earn commissions for these sales.

I guess this is enough information for now :)

Please let me know when you have registered, I will send you:

– Your affiliate link
– The poster (pdf/jpg) with your affiliate link and your QR code on it
– A link to your statistics (you can check how many people and when they used your link or QR code)

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have an amazing day :)

Best regards, 
Lucas Kern