(6) Only use authentic real materials, not textbooks




This is the 6th part of the email course:

1. Warum schrumpfen Schafe nicht? 
2. Have you found suitable audio stories?   
3. The 7 Rules to Fluency (Rule No 6) 


If you want to repeat Rule No 1-5 and the vocabulary lesson here are the links: 

>>> Always Study Phrases, Never Only Individual Words

>>> Don’t Study Grammar Rules!

>>> Listen, Listen and Listen

>>> Deep learning with repetition

>>> Learn with Stories

>>> Vocabulary Lessons 
(Please repeat this lesson until you can answer the questions)


1. Warum schrumpfen Schafe nicht? 



2. Have you found suitable audio stories?   


Now it is time to make real progress!

The best way to use the rules that I told you so far is with audio stories (that also have a big question and answer part)! 

I hope you have read the page from last time carefully. If you forgot, then you can read it here again: The next step! Please read it before you come back to this page :)

All right – Are you prepared now?  

Did you gather up all your German materials that you have? Did you make two piles? One pile with stuff that would only slow you down (for example grammar books) and another pile of materials that you could use? And is the first pile now very deeply hidden in your wardrobe? Great, then you are on the right track!

I also hope that if you didn’t have suitable audio stories at home that you have visited your nearest book store or my online store and bought some great and funny audio stories with scripts in German and English (or with a vocabulary aid). If you did, then it is time to start making real progress now.

For the next couple of days I want you to do the following:

Take one of your stories and start to read the story script slowly (not the question and answer part, just the story). Read only a few sentences and look at the translation (if you find new words that you don’t understand).

If you are a beginner then 5 sentences should be enough. Read them a few times and keep looking at the translation until you are familiar with the German sentences and until you do understand the full meaning. Then it is time to listen to the recording of the story and read the 5 sentences at the same time. I hope you found audio stories that are clearly and not too fast spoken (like my recordings). Listen to them and read them a couple of times.

If you have a good feeling then try to listen to the sentences but this time without the text. This can be hard because it is much more difficult if you don’t read the text at the same time. Don’t worry, if it is too difficult then take the script back and read along. Trust me it is just a matter of repetition.

If you already know some German then you can try to practice with more than 5 sentences at one go, maybe 10, a whole page or even with the whole story – but only if it is a „short story“ and not a novel with 800 pages. ;)

Try to find your own pace and workload. Please practice this way until you receive my next email. You will be amazed by your progress!

If you found audio stories that also have a question and answer part (Listen and Answer Stories)…

… (like the stories and lessons that I created and recorded) then you are lucky because if you practice with this technique then all the information like word meaning, pronunciation, spelling, word order, phrases and even grammar will enter your long term memory 50-80% faster. With this technique you can not only learn faster, you will also start thinking in German step by step and this is (I hope you already know that) what you need if you want to speak German fluently one day. I’m going to explain it more detailed in rule Number 7. For now just stick to the main story and don’t worry about the question and answer part.



3. The 7 Rules to Fluency (Rule No 6) 

Rule No 6


Only use authentic real materials, not textbooks (grammar books)



In these video clips AJ talks about learning English, but the rules are the same whether you want to learn German or any other language.


~ AJ Hoge  


AJ talks about using real materials and stories instead of textbooks (grammar books).
It is more fun, more interesting and more motivating. If you want to learn German easily, with stories and all the rules we have talked about so far, then I recommend buying my package offer. I suggest starting with the vocabulary lessons and if you have become more comfortable with the German language, listen to the stories as well.

You should integrate my audio stories and lessons into your everyday life to save precious time. Load them on your iPod or other mp3 device and listen to them on your way to work or school. This way you can learn German effectively as a sideline.



Have fun
Lucas Kern