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 Learn To Speak German With Fun


All-In-One Package (Audio Lessons)

= 76 Vocabulary Lessons (Vol 1 – Vol 7)
+ 8 Short Story Lesson Sets

Learn German with funny short stories
and vocabulary lessons


Audio (GER) and Text (GER/ENG)  

These German language course lessons have all you need to learn to speak German fluently in a very natural way. Without learning vocabulary lists and boring grammar rules by heart.

Integrate the audio lessons
into your everyday life and save precious time.



The All-In-One Package

Contains All These Lesson Sets:


Easy and Effective Vocabulary Building

76 Funny German Vocabulary Lessons
Audio Lessons (GER) and Text (GER/ENG)  

     Vol 1 (Vocabulary Unit 1-16)
     Vol 2 (Vocabulary Unit 17-26)
     Vol 3 (Vocabulary Unit 27-36)
     Vol 4 (Vocabulary Unit 37-46)
     Vol 5 (Vocabulary Unit 47-56)
     Vol 6 (Vocabulary Unit 57-66)
     Vol 7 (Vocabulary Unit 67-76)
      (with 532 funny example sentences in German and English)


Special lesson sets to show you the difference between
the present, past and future tense


Blond oder braunhaaring – Part 1 and Part 2
  Audio Lessons (GER) and Text (GER/ENG)  

     Short Story in the present tense
     Story +
QAG in the present tense
     Story + QAG in the past tense – imperfect
     Story + QAG in the past tense – perfect (only part 2)
     Story + QAG in the future tense

These stories will help you learn to speak German fluently

Six Funny Short Story Sets
Audio Lessons (GER) and Text (GER/ENG)  

- Paul – Meine Freundin ist schwanger
- Paul – Das falsche Klo
- Für die Rente gespart
- Jedes Böhnchen gibt ein Tönchen
- Maja liebt das Autofahren and
- Ritter, Drache und Hexe
  (with focus on the German cases

If you want to speak German fluently, there is no time to think about grammar rules. You need to feel what is right and what is wrong. Being able to think in German and being able to feel the correct grammar are the keys. These German course lessons will help you to get this feeling.



All-In-One Package

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My audio lessons are much cheaper than attending a language school. And consider this – if you spent your money for example for a mobile phone, the money you spent is gone. However, if you buy education, it is an investment into your future. An investment that will pay off in the end and give you much more money back.

I know a lot of people who learned with my lessons and speak German fluently now. Most of them have a much better paid job now, just because they put the skill: “I speak German fluently” in their résumé.

Even if you don’t need to speak German in your future job, most of the bosses are really impressed, because if you have managed to learn such a difficult language you must be very diligent and hardworking. And that is a very positive feature when you apply for a well-paid job.

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If you want to learn to speak German fluently,
please read on:

Listening, understanding and speaking have a strong bond

… and if you want to speak German fluently, two things are very important and essential. If you neglect them, you will never be able to speak German fluently – that is a fact:

1. You need to listen a lot to easy and clearly spoken German
2. You need to speak German yourself

The second point is the difficult part. If you just try to speak, you will make many mistakes, for example mispronounce the words or use a wrong word order. And if you don’t realize those mistakes they will stick in your mind and it will be very difficult to get rid of them. So please try to avoid that!

With my audio lessons (All-In-One Package) you will listen a lot to easy and clearly spoken German and you will speak it as well. The question and answer part is the secret. This special technique will enable you to speak German without making the above mentioned mistakes.

That’s why so many people are successful and start speaking German fluently after only a couple of weeks.

The German language course lessons have everything you need to learn to speak German in a natural way. Without learning boring grammar rules and vocabulary lists by heart.


Lucas Kern

The lesson sets are also available individually – click here


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PS – Remember: Learn to Speak German With a Lot of Fun!


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