Free Email Course – Let’s Master German (Lessons and Learning Tips)


My name is Lucas Kern (from Germany) and I help people to learn the German language. I started this project some years ago and I’ve received such positive feedback from around the world that I decided to carry on and create more lessons and funny audio short stories. Join my little email course and learn the 7 rules to excellent German. I’m going to show you great tricks and ways to improve your German very fast.

Let’s Learn German Together

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Here is what you get for free:

A funny Audio Story
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Access to Online Lessons
Great Learning Tips
Get to know TPRS
   (The best method of all)

I am going to show you step by step
how you will master German.

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And if you are a beginner – don’t worry!

I have had many beginners, some with no knowledge of German at all and they all have made a huge step with my TPRS lessons. My lessons seem a little difficult at first glance, but they are not! After a few repetitions they are easy!

You have all you need – Every TPRS lesson has:

1. The English translation (for your understanding)
2. The recorded speaker (for your pronunciation)
3. The written words (for learning the spelling)
4. QAG for active participation (in order to save the information in your brain).

You don’t have to learn the words by heart.
You are going to learn them automatically.
Trust me, it is just a matter of repetition.
You can do it! – Have faith in yourself and never give up!

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What is TPRS?

TPRS is the short form for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. The method has several steps:

First you will listen to a native speaker telling a funny story. You need to read the text of the story at the same time. Do this a few times. This way you will get familiar to the voice of the native speaker and the text. Then look at the English translation and try to understand the meaning of the text. You don’t need to learn any vocabulary by heart, you will get it automatically. Just try to understand the meaning.

Then listen a few more times. You are going to understand much more of the content now. Do this a couple of days. After some days you can switch to the Question and Answer Part. Try to listen to the questions and get the meaning. Listen to the answers and try to answer the questions yourself. After some repetitions you will be able to answer the questions before the speaker. By this time you will have made a huge step!

I wish you a lot of fun with my lessons smiley
Lucas Kern