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his is necessary to understand the whole concept.

1. Audio Story (Schneckenwitz)
(Download link farther below on this page) 

2. Important to know:
    The 7 Rules to Fluency (Rule No 1

3. Basic Online Lessons 
4. Facts About Germany



I’m very happy that you signed up to my free course lessons. I’m devoting most of my free time to help people to learn German from a beginner’s level up to a fluent level. As you will see I do this in a totally different way. My method is very natural and there is a lot of fun involved.

By the way, my mother language is German so if my English is not always perfect, I hope you don’t mind :) I chose English because I have subscribers from all over the world and most of them know English. 

I hope you don’t expect me to teach you grammar rules. I don’t teach a lot of grammar anymore because in my experience this is the reason why so many students give up sooner or later.

I recommend putting grammar aside for the next couple of months and start to learn German without thinking about grammar rules at all. If you follow my method you will make huge progress and if you follow all 7 rules (that you will learn during this course) then you will be able to speak German fluently in about 6 to 8 months. When you are finally at a fluent level (not a perfect level but a fluent level – this is not the same) then it is time to think about grammar again, but not before. After a couple of weeks with my method you will start to feel the correct grammar, even grammar that was totally alien to you at first.

Another important note:

I hope you are really serious about learning German because it could be hard in the beginning. During the next days and weeks you will receive a lot of information from me. However, I promise you – if you follow my advice, my rules and learning tips you are on the best way to master German. This course has helped thousands so far and I’m sure you won’t be an exception. You can do it too! – Have faith in yourself and never give up!


2. Audio Story: Schneckenwitz 

Here is your task for the next couple of days:

Read and listen to the mini story (Schneckenwitz) many times. Read the whole script carefully (pdf file) and also listen to the story (mp3 files).

Read and listen at least 20 minutes every day for the next 7 days! You will be surprised how much you will learn with just one little story. Try it, you will be fascinated because every time you will understand more! This is just a very short story lesson to give you an idea of my method. 

Download Note:   

Download the audio story with a computer. Download the zip file and copy the mp3 and pdf files out of the zip file (you can open it like a folder), afterwards you can load the files on your tablet, mobile phone, iPod etc. 

If you don’t have a computer or if you want to have the files also on your mobile phone or tablet please read these instructions:

 How to load the files onto your mobile devices

 Click here to Download the Story (zip file)


For a first impression have a look here:

> Instructions (pdf)

> Text: Story and Questions and Answers (pdf)

> Audio: Schneckenwitz story (mp3)

> Audio: Story and Q/A  (mp3)

The other audio lessons which you will receive once in a while via this course will be online lessons. If you want to practice with much more audio stories and audio lessons (which you can download), please check out my Online Store. This is only a suggestion!


Don’t forget to read on!

The 7 rules are the keys to master German or any foreign language. If you follow the 7 rules you can learn German or any other language in a couple of months instead of years!


2. The 7 Rules to Fluency

Rule No 1  


Always study phrases, not just individual words!
(And practice new words with whole sentences!) 


Please read this first, before you watch the video.

During the next couple of weeks I want to introduce you to great learning techniques and a method that will train you to think in German. Being able to think in German is the most important factor if you want to learn to speak German fluently.

When you use all these techniques, you will completely change the way you learn German. I’m going to show you video by AJ Hoge (a great English teacher). He uses the same method very successfully to teach English. Listen what he has to say:

In these video clips AJ talks about learning English, but the rules are the same if you want to learn German or any other language.  

~ AJ Hoge  


Rule No 1

Always study phrases, never only individual words!
And practice new words with whole sentences!

I know it is very common to learn new words with vocabulary lists, where you have new words on the left and the 1:1 translation on the right. But this is a very painful and boring method. Nobody likes studying vocabulary lists and I guess you don’t like it either – am I right?

And the worst of all, it doesn’t even work effectively!

You ask, “why not?” Well, individual words just by themselves tell no story. It is far more difficult to remember things if they are not embedded in a context. Your brain needs a kind of anchor to save new information. And this works much better if you give the new information a kind of picture or story.

And there is a second reason why it is much better to add example sentences. If you use a vocabulary book, you usually write down only the basic form of the verb for example:

haben = to have

träumen = to dream

But there are many different forms of the verb like: träume, träumst, träumt, träumte, geträumt… So if you also write down example sentences, all the little differences become visible. 

For example:

  German   English
  haben   to have
  Ich habe große Ohren.   I have big ears.
  träumen   to dream
  Ich träume jede Nacht.   I dream every night.


If you note an example sentence to every new word, your brain will start to realize step by step that there are some similarities.

In my example: Ich + verb ending e. This is just one of many things that your brain will realize (subconsciously) in time. You will learn those little differences automatically, if you follow this rule. After some time you will get a better feeling about what is right and what is wrong. 

You will feel that:

“Ich haben ein Haus” must be wrong and that “Ich habe ein Haus” sounds correct.  


Rule No 1

Always study phrases, never only individual words!
And practice new words with whole sentences!  

This way…

– you’ll learn some basic grammar subconsciously over time
– you’ll get a better feeling for the correct word order
– you’ll learn more than one new word with each sentence

and you’ll remember new words more easily, because the sentences have an actual meaning and you can imagine those situations. You can remember things much better if you build a picture in your mind.

You can imagine yourself with big ears, right? 

So next time you encounter a new German word in a book or in a newspaper and you want to learn it, make sure you write not only the word and the translation into your vocabulary book, but the whole sentence.


3. Basic Online Lessons

Basic German

If you subscribed on my website: Leicht-Deutsch-Lernen.com then you might not know that I have a second website: Learn-German-Easily.com with basic online lessons.

If you are a beginner you could check out these basic lessons. 

 Click here to check them out …

… however, you should be aware of a very important fact!

If you want to learn German in the shortest time possible (I mean in months instead of many years), then don’t focus too much on basic lessons of any kind (practice about 80% with my story-telling method and only 20% with basic lessons of any kind).

I receive a lot of emails from beginners who want to study the German alphabet first. Well, you could do this and check out my basic lesson No 3 however I would not recommend that. Practice with the Schneckenwitz story right from the start. It is not easy at first but you would learn 10 times faster than with basic lessons. Trust me it is just a matter of repetition!!!

Practicing with my Schneckenwitz story is a bit harder for beginners but only in the first few days. Once your brain is accustomed to my method your learning speed will increase immensely.

It is only logical because you have all you need:

1 The English translation (for understanding)
2 The recorded speaker (for pronunciation)
3 The written words (for spelling)
4 The question and answer parts for active participation
(to save the information in your brain).

You don’t have to learn new words by heart. You will learn them automatically. All you have to do is a lot of repetitions. Trust me, it is just a matter of repetition. Everything gets easier through repetitions. You can do it too! Have faith in yourself and never give up!

Don’t just take my word for it!
Convince yourself!
Put it to the test!
Give it a try!

Practice with the Schneckenwitz story like I suggested above for the next couple of days and you will realize that you learn more and more with every repetition – and all this with just one tiny story (the Schneckenwitz story is much shorter than my other audio stories).

With the storytelling method you will learn many things (like new words, phrases, pronunciation, word order, spelling and even grammar up to a certain point) easily and automatically. The only thing you have to do is to repeat the story many times each day. Put the mp3 files on your iPod or other device and listen to it while reading it (pdf files), then just read it, then try to listen to it without reading it and so on. You will be amazed by your progress after only a few days!

So, if you want to learn German in a couple of months and not years, focus on the storytelling method and do all the other things just in addition!

Now start practicing with the Schneckenwitz story. Oh, and I almost forgot. Please read also everything about rule No 1 (above). If you follow the 7 rules then you will learn how to master the German language.


4. Facts About Germany

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Lucas Kern